Eight hundred million KM of non implemented credits


Dnevni avaz: According to the data of the Ministry for Finance of the Federation of BiH, more than eight million KM of the overtaken credit obligations, for which the agreements have been signed and for which the international institutions have approved the money, lies unused over different banks. The kicks of the creditors Everyone’s mouths […]

The agreement on census in 2011


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – The reforms of the Constitution of BiH and police, and the population census and ratification of the Convention on minority languages, were the basic themes of the meeting of members of the legislative commissions of both Houses of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH with the monitoring team of the Committee of […]

Forwards in the Public Administration Reform in the Federation of BiH


On the conference held in Sarajevo, the Government of the FBiH has considered and supported the project proposals related with strategic communications, administrative decision making quality improvement program, budget management information system and One Stop Shop, or building and establishing the infrastructure needed for a stable and efficient functioning of the electronic administration. The coordinator […]

Next year – customs abolishment for 95% of commodities


From January next year the customs will be abolished for 95% of commodities that have been imported in BiH from the countries of the European Union, and it has been estimated that this will bring a deficit into the budget in 2009 for about 120 million KM, has been released by the regional portal Seebiz.net. […]

Planned profits smaller by 280 million


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – The deficit in the counter of the Federation of BiH for the first six months of this year is 49,4 millions KM, and the revenues are in relation to the plan smaller for about 280 million KM, has been confirmed by the Minister of Finance of the Federation of BiH, Vjekoslav […]

Municipality of Zenica has received the OSCE certificate


Nezavisne novine: ZENICA – The Municipality of Zenica has successfully implemented the project “Ugovor”, a municipal action plan which is a part of the agreement with the OSCE Mission, signed on March 16th 2005. The project consisted of five modules and they are all successfully implemented. “Zenica is a leading Municipality in the region. You […]

Almost billion marks collected


Nezavisne novine: BANJALUKA – For the first seven months of this year, the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska has collected 999,5 million KM of public revenues. From this amount 984 millions KM is related to direct taxes, which is 30,67% more than the same period of 2007. The Tax Administration of the RS […]

Priorities several years old are slowing BiH on the path to the EU


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – It has been several years since the European Commission has set up the priorities for integration of BiH in the EU, but BiH could still not fulfill some of those conditions, has been confirmed by Osman Topčagić, the director of the Directorate for European Integrations of BiH. “The European Commission does […]

Regulations of the European Union only in Bosnian language


Dnevni avaz: Bosnia and Herzegovina is getting ready for the beginning of translating the acquis communautaire of the European Union, which is one of the most complicated obligations and the most difficult technical works of BiH on the European path. The Directorate for European integrations of BiH is already working on the preparation of this […]

The Government of the Federation of BiH: Only 2 million KM in reserve


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – For the first six months of this year, the Government of the Federation of BiH has spent 35 million KM out of the current reserve of 37,4 million KM. This is stated in the report which has been accepted by the Government of the Federation of BiH. 21,5 millions KM has […]

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