Ninth Session of the Par Fund Management Board


Ninth session of the Joint Management Board of the Public Administration Reform Fund will be held on Wednesday, April 29, 2009, starting at 12 noon in the Brčko district of BiH Government building, Bulevar mira 1, Brčko district of BiH (room 59). Proposed agenda of the session: 1.    Adoption of the Minutes from the eight […]

Session of the Par Fund Management Board has been held


At the session, which has been held today in the Brčko District of BiH, members of the Management Board of the Public Administration Reform Fund have agreed on the need of changes of the Memorandum on Understanding for establishing of the PARF, the document which has previously been signed by the governments of all four […]

Salaries of the officials finally reduced


Dnevni avaz: By the request of the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples of the Parliament of BiH, by the urgent procedure, without any vote against it, yesterday has been adopted the Proposal Law on amendment of Law on Salaries in the Institutions of BiH. According to this law, basis for salary calculation […]

FBiH must cut the budgets down by 500 million KM


Oslobođenje: In order to fulfill the conditions on concluding the stand by arrangement with the International Monetary Fund, BiH must reduce its budgets at all levels by at least 696 million KM. That much is the minimum consolidated deficit of the budget in BiH, which has been confirmed by the state Fiscal Council in the […]

Free training for 1.500 persons from the employment bureau evidence


Nezavisne novine: The Center for pre-qualification and hiring unemployed persons, which is being opened by the Sarajevo Developmental Agency (SERDA), begins to work in the middle of May. It is expected that the pre-qualification, qualification and different kinds of trainings will be passed by 1.500 persons from the area of Sarajevo macro-region per year. Slaviša […]

Introducing customs on products from Serbia and Croatia


Nezavisne novine: The House of Peoples of the Parliament of BiH has in first reading adopted the Law on protection of domestic production, by which the customs are being introduced on meat and milk and their products from Serbia and Croatia. Application of this law will start after it gets adopted in its second reading. […]

Companies from BiH, Slovenia and Germany will make the plates


Dnevni avaz: The Identification Documents, Data Exchange and Evidence Agency (IDDEEA) of BiH has for the best tenderer for drafting of non-personalized registration plates and folios for coloring plates selected the consortium of companies from BiH and Slovenia, ASA – KIG. By this, procedure of selection of all companies, which will be drafting the subjects […]

Public administration in modern times


The European Public Law Center – EPLC – organizes international conference "Public administration in modern times: challenges and perspectives", which will be held in Komotina, East Greece, on April 24th and 25th, 2009. Conference is being organized under the sponsorship of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Topics: – Encountering effective, efficient and accountable public […]

Only unified BiH can enter the EU


Dnevni avaz: The European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg has offered a strong support to the inclusion of West Balkans in the European Union. With 305 votes for and 23 against, the Resolution on BiH has been adopted. Its main message is that only unified BiH can enter the EU, has been reported by "Deutsche Welle". […]

ReSPA publication: “Attractiveness of civil service in the Western Balkans”


The Regional school for public administration (ReSPA) has published a publication “Attractiveness of civil service in the Western Balkans”. This is a comparative overview of attractiveness of civil service – salaries and other motivation tools, including in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Publication focuses on a comparative analysis and individual ReSPA […]

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