The Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina has Facebook profile


The Civil Service Agency of BiH is one of the few government institutions in BiH that allows its visitors publishing relevant contents such as announcment, training, to their web sites directly  from the official Civil Service Agency site.    Facebook is a popular online social network that enables its customers to achieve and maintain contact […]

43,72 % public administration reform measures implemented


During the first six months of this year, the institutions of administration in the BiH are fullfilled the 4.66% measures of Action Plan I of Public Administration Reform Strategy and overall implementation of the reform measures currently stands at 43.72%. The greatest progress was achieved in the field of Institutional Communications: 58.21% and the lowest […]

High school degree employees paid well


The officials in the EU institutions have the lowest starting salary of 1.700 Euros, for which the high school degree is enough. Each second year this salary grows higher and more than 4% with a lot of allowances and benefits. Media reports that these officials, if they get a permanent position, can expect the pension […]

Almanac of BiH civil sector achievements presented


Printed edition of Almanac of Achievements under the title “Civil Society Organizations – the Power of the Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Integration Process” was presented within the Project of Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations (TACSO) BiH, financed by the European Union. There are 39 organizations and 12 networks and initiatives […]

The civil service should not be politicized


Valentin Inzko, the EU High Representative and Boris Iarochevitch from the Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia met in Sarajevo the Federation House of Peoples Board and House of Representatives Board to discuss about possible consequences if the FBiH Parliament adopt the proposed amendments to the Law on Civil Service and the Law on […]

The Council of Ministers should not interfere with the dialogue on visa liberalization


Valentin Inzko, the EU High Representative, Stefan Feller, Head EU Police Mission in BiH Stefan Feller, and Boris Iarochevitch, Charge d'Affaires of the Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina sent a joint letter to the Nikola Špirić, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers regarding the fulfillment of the remaining conditions for […]

Meeting of the Bologna Follow-up Group


Meeting of the Bologna Follow-up Group will be held on August 24 and 25, this year in Alden Biesen (Belgium).   The Bologna Follow-up Group meets at least once in six months. Besides the fact that it possesses a mandate for adopting decisions, this group is also a forum for discussions and exchange of experiences […]

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