162 institutions in BiH issue documents


Issuing of biometric passports in BiH should start from October 15, this year, has been said yesterday in Sarajevo by Siniša Macan, director of the Identification Documents, Data Exchange and Evidence Agency. He believes that the previous practice of seven days waiting on passport will be continued. The legal deadline for issuing the passport is […]

Who will translate 120.000 pages of the EU regulations?


Translating of more than 120.000 pages of legal regulations of the EU has not started yet in BiH and nobody knows who will translate all this documentation, despite of the fact that by signing the Stabilization and Association Agreement in June last year BiH has obligated itself to harmonize its legislation with the "legal inheritance […]

Website of the BiH Mission in the UN has been opened


The website of the Permanent Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the UN has been put to work on July 24, this year. On the website www.bhmisijaun.org there is the information of the Mission of BiH in the UN, as well as the links for all BiH state institutions. "Website will constantly be improved by […]

Law on Savings on Salaries has been confirmed


Nezavisne novine: The Government of the FBiH has confirmed yesterday and by immediate procedure sent to the Parliament the Proposal law on manner of achieving of savings on salaries and remunerations of the employed in the FBiH institutions and non-budget funds. "This Law during the stand by arrangement of BiH with the International Monetary Fund […]

Federal auditors presented reports for last year


Nezavisne novine: The FBiH and cantons have in last year spent more than a billion KM for development, but the results or increase of employment are not visible, which shows that the funds have been spent without purpose, has been pointed out by the Federal Auditor General, Ibrahim Okanović. Out of 46 executed audits for […]

Decision on reimbursement reduction has been postponed


Dnevni avaz: Since the proposal changes and amendments to the Law on salaries and remunerations in the institutions of BiH has not received sufficient number of votes of delegates in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament, it has been sent to the board of the House for consensus. Since the parliamentarians go to […]

State Parliament has never received a full analysis of work of institutions


Dnevni list: Defeating fact, which has quite easily passed by our state parliamentarians relates to the fact that by now nobody has really deliberated the final report on performance, meaning the work of 60 state institutions. Because of that, nobody in this country knows what does a huge number of institutions do and what they […]

Not even a half of plan realized


Nezavisne novine: The Council of Ministers of BiH has adopted less than a half of laws stipulated by its work program. Those are the laws, which were supposed to be adopted in the first six months this year. "Deadlines for adopting the proposal law on civil property, promotion of small and middle companies, obligation relations, […]

Tax collectors have processed more than a half of million notifications


Dnevni avaz: Until June 25, this year the Tax Authority of the FBiH has processed 538.737 tax notifications. Besides the annual notifications for 2008, it is about the new notifications of monthly incomes of citizens as well. – Out of 250.000 new notifications we have processed around 200.000 – has been said by Midhat Arifović, […]

11th Session of the PAR Fund Join Management Board


Eleventh session of the Joint Management Board of the Public Administration Reform Fund will be held on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009, starting at 11 o'clock in the premises of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, Trg Republike Srpske 1, Banjaluka (floor 2 room 7). Proposed agenda of the session: 1.    Adoption of the Minutes […]

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