Formal mandate

The mandate of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office stems from the Decision on Establishment of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in the Office of the Chairperson of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of BiH, No. 4/05, 33/07 and 85/10):

Implementation of the common policy and the procedures of the competent bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of public administration reform

Efficient coordination of the activities established by the present laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the competency of various institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Coordination of the activities regarding preparation, enactment and implementation of the Strategy of Public Administration Reform in BiH (coordinator)

Provision of opinion to the chairperson of the Council of Ministers of BiH on the most important matters concerning public administration reform in the institutions of BiH (coordinator).

Formal mandates of the PARCO are additionally defined by the PAR Strategy in a way to include:

Focus on creating conditions for development of sector capacities in the key sectors of policy, through development of the action plan 2

Establishment of the system for monitoring and evaluation, which would monitor the progress to achievement of the Strategy objectives.

Establishment of the projects and making proposals based on the Strategy and the action plans, in close coordination with the relevant institutions of BiH and the donor community. Priorities will be clearly defined in accordance with the needs for a concrete reform assistance and will be coordinated for the purpose of achieving the reform objectives.

The mandate is also set by the Common Platform in a way to include:

Achieving the function of supervision, evaluation and reporting on implementation of individual measures of the AP 1 for all the levels of authority

Implementation of overall coordination in implementation of the AP1 measures, which implies:

  1.  operational cooperation with the public administration reform coordinators;
  2.  organisation and coordination of the work of the supervisory teams in six reform areas in cooperation with the public administration reform coordinators;
  3.  providing the system of monitoring and evaluation in implementation of the measures of the AP 1 and reporting on the achieved progress;
  4. establishment of cooperation with all the administration bodies in BiH, significant for public administration reform implementation and promotion of the public administration reform towards executive and legislative administration bodies and citizens;
  5.  direct cooperation with the representatives of the PARF donors and other donors in the field of public administration who are not PARF members;
  6.  preparation and organisation of the work of the Joint Management Board of the Public Administration Reform Fund and participation in enactment of the decisions of this board;
  7.  annual update of the AP1, regular reporting to all the levels of authority on implementation of the implementation measures of the AP1 and quarterly reporting on monitoring and evaluation.
  8.  operational-technical conditions for work of the Coordination Board for Economic Development and European Integration.

Ensuring local or foreign, technical and expert assistance for work of the Supervisory Team

Organisation of the meetings of the Supervisory Team.

In addition to the key documents defining the formal mandate of the PARCO, there are several other:

Strategy for combat against corruption

Strategy of development of BiH

Agreements with the IMF

Country Strategy Paper (CSP)

Programmes of work of the entity governments

Communication Strategy of the Council of Ministers of BiH

Informal Mandate

Informal mandate of the PARCO is characterised by the following activities:

Management and maintenance of the PARF projects

Initiation of the PAR

IPA programming in the field of PAR and good administration

Participation in implementation and coordination of other projects from the area of PAR (strengthening administrative capacities)

Participation in work groups (strategies / European integration)

Preparation of information / reports for monitoring of progress of the European integration

Preparation and dissemination of various information from the field of PAR

Trainings, education of civil servants

Coordination and direction of the donors working in the field of PAR.