PAR Fund projects

With the adoption of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in mid-2006, a Strategic Framework for public administration reform was established with the aim of creating a more open, effective, efficient, transparent and responsible public administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Action Plan 1, later Revised Action Plan 1, based on the basic idea of the Strategy, contains a detailed overview of the activities planned for six key, horizontal areas of reform. It provides guidelines, both to domestic authorities, and to the international community and donors, for the identification of projects that should be financed.

For this purpose, the Public Administration Reform Fund (PAR Fund) was established. It is intended as a source of funding for technical and professional assistance in the implementation of projects, defined on the basis of the activities which are envisaged in Action Plan 1 and Revised Action Plan 1, after approval of the JMB PARF.

The members of the JMB PARF are coordinators for public administration reform from the state level, the Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska and Brčko District of BiH, a representative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH, representatives of the Fund’s main donors: the Delegation of the European Union to BiH, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH, the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation (SIDA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

The funds of this PAR Fund serve as a supplement to the available budget funds which are used to finance the public administration reform.

Priority projects are defined in accordance with the needs for specific reform activities and coordinated in order to achieve the goals of the reform. The projects which are financed by the Public Administration Reform Fund are implemented through a partnership relationship, with the active support and contribution of administrative bodies of all levels of government. The implementation of these projects will be carried out in such a way as to ensure the highest level of efficiency, which implies the rational use of human and material resources, as well as the responsible and timely execution of the planned activities.

Overall coordination in the implementation of projects is carried out by the PARCO, while the function of operational implementation monitoring is carried out by supervisory teams which are formed by government decisions and are distributed across reform areas. The practical and operational implementation of individual projects is carried out by implementation teams in the specific reform area, formed for the implementation of each individual project.

The PARF’s initial funds, in the amount of 4.5 million euros, were increased through the annexes of the Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of PARF, so that donors and local authorities, as of December 31, 2018, paid a total of BAM 32,070,261.25 into the Fund, out of which donors BAM 29,829,793.97, and local authorities BAM 2,240,467.28.

By signing Annex III of the Memorandum, in addition to the entry of a new donor into the PAR Fund (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway), the local authorities also committed themselves to annually allocate funds from their budgets for the co-financing of the PAR Fund. By signing Annex IV of the Memorandum of Understanding, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark joined the PAR Fund. By signing Annex V (the signing procedure was completed in the third quarter of 2015), the duration of the PAR Fund was extended until the end of 2017.

Current Projects

No. Project name Reform area Status Contracted budget without VAT(KM)

Building of Capacities for Combat against Corruption in the Structures of Civil Service in BiH

Human Resources Management, Institutional Communication In implementation 397.000,00 KM

Strengthening of Capacities for Strategic Planning and Policy Development – phase II (SPPD II)

Strategic Planning, Coordination and Policy Making In implementation 1.762.996,95 KM

Establishment and/or Strengthening of Capacities of the Institution/s for Control of Regulations and Establishment of the System of Reduction of Administrative Barriers

Administrative Procedures and Administrative Services In implementation 1.078.400,00 KM

Specialist Education Programme for IT Managers

e-Administration In implementation 174.400 KM

Upgrade of the Unified Information System for business registration in the Republic of Srpska through procurement of necessary HW infrastructure (back up servers)

e-Administration In implementation 36.300,00 KM

Public-Private Partnership

Public Finance In implementation 2.459.025,00 KM

Implementation of Common Services for eServices

e-Administration In implementation 1.129.000,00 KM

Training of Employees Who Execute the Jobs of Civil Administration for Application of Information Technologies and Work on Computers

Human Resources Management In implementation 616.275,00 KM

Completed Projects

No Project name Reform Area Status Contracted budget without VAT(KM)

Establishment of the Network of Info Stands

Institutional Communication Finished 133,000.00 KM

Strategic Communication

Institutional Communication Finished 127,800.00 KM

Training of the Public Relations Officers

 Institutional Communication Finished

Evaluation Report

 109.646,05 KM

Development of Performance Management System in the Structures of Civil Service in BiH

 Human Resources Management Finished

Evaluation Report

 649.900,00 KM

Drafting of Administrative Decision Making in Bosnia and Herzegovina Quality Improvement Programme

 Administrative Procedure  Finished

Evaluation Report

 380.000,00 KM
6 Improvement of Rules and Procedures for Legal, Other Regulations and General Documents Drafting in BiH Policy Making and Coordination Capacities  Finished

Evaluation Report

 671.830,40 KM
7 Blueprint of Development of Central Bodies of Governments in BiH – Implementation of Phase I  Policy Making and Coordination Capacities  Finished 1.376.904,32 KM
8 Transposing EU Legislation in the Legal System of BiH Policy Making and Coordination Capacities Finished

Evaluation Report

 338.250,00 KM
9 Training of Civil Servants for Application of Information Technologies and Work on Computers Human Resources Management  Finished  1.037.115,33 KM
10 Designing and Establishment of the Interoperability Framework and Standards for Data Exchange Information Technologies  Finished  163.736,00 KM
11 Budget Management Information System (BMIS) Public Finances  Finished  639.744,26 KM
12 Widening of the Information system for Human Resources Management by Software Modules for personnel Planning and Maintenance of the Internal Labour Market in the Republic Bodies of the Republic of Srpska
Human Resources management  Finished  49.220,00 KM
13 Gender Responsible Budgeting (Widening of the Budget Management Information System – BMIS by a software component for gender responsible budgeting) Public Finance  Finished