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1. Simplification of the administrative procedure
2. Improving the satisfaction of service users
3. Supervision/control
4. Execution
5. Capacity building


In the “original” Action Plan 1 for the implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy, this reform area was called “Administrative Procedure”. In RAP1, the title was changed to “Administrative procedures and administrative services” to emphasize:

• that the reform area refers to all administrative procedures (general and special) and not only to the general administrative procedure and

• that in this reform area in RAP1, the orientation towards the users of administrative services is emphasized the most.

The red thread in this area is improving the quality of services for citizens and businesses. The goals are set in such a way that they bring concrete added value in the direction of greater user satisfaction (citizens and business entities) with public administration services, in the direction of simplification and shortening of procedures and real savings for citizens, business entities and budgets at all levels of government. Table RAP1 in this area is divided into four subsections:

1. simplification of procedures,
2. improving the quality of services,
3. supervision and execution
4. capacity building.

The first subchapter refers to the simplification (optimization) of administrative procedures, that is, the abolition or reduction of “administrative obstacles”. It is about reducing administrative burdens, i.e. “purifying” the procedures and abolishing all those steps or elements in the procedures that create unnecessary complications and costs.

In addition to simplifying the procedures in RAP1, there are also some other goals aimed at improving the quality of services, i.e. the satisfaction of citizens and business entities with these services. It is about surveying the satisfaction of service users in order to get feedback and to demonstrate the quality of functioning of individual public administration institutions. It is also about improving the schedule of working hours for parties.

The third sub-chapter talks about supervision over the implementation of the administrative procedure, where the establishment of internal control in institutions and the strengthening of administrative inspection is foreseen.

The fourth subchapter refers to the improvement of the administrative enforcement system, and the fifth to the formation, or strengthening of the capacities that are necessary for the realization of the substantive goals of RAP1 in the area of administrative procedures and administrative services.