State public administration reform coordinator guest of the News on the TV Hayat


Dragan Ćuzulan, state public administration reform coordinator was last evening a guest of the News at 7 on the TV Hayat. The topic of the conversation was public administration reform and implementation of the project Public Private Partnership, which is being implemented through the Public Administration Reform Fund. Regarding the current legal regulations in BiH […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Open Government Partnership initiative


On 24 September 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina officially became a member of the multilateral global initiative Open Government Partnership. Open Government Partnership – OGP is a global multilateral initiative for transparency and openness of public authority bodies’ work, and its members are the states that mandate themselves by a membership in the Partnership to implement […]

Million savings by the reform


The interview with the professor Gregor Virant, PhD, expert of the Technical Assistance team of the European Union Delegation (EUPAR), who has participated in drafting the Revised Action plan 1, has been published by “Oslobođenje” on Sunday, March 14, 2011. 1. Mr. Virant, several years ago, you have been the public administration reform leader in […]

BiH is a home of 50 foreigners marked as threats


Nezavisne novine: The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs has a data that there are around 50 persons, who reside in BiH, for whom security agencies have confirmed that are the threat for the national security of BiH, has been said by Dragan Mektić, director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs in BiH. In conversation for "Nezavisne" […]

34% of the Action plan measures have been fulfilled


Reporter: According to the last information, by the end of March this year the institutions of administration in BiH have fulfilled 34.55% of measures from the Action plan 1 of the Strategy of the Public Administration Reform. The biggest progress in implementation of the Action plan 1 measures has been recorded in the area of […]

Because of the crisis more than 15.000 people have remained without job


Nezavisne novine: In the Federation of BiH there are currently 343.317 unemployed persons, has been said by Miralem Šarić, director of the Employment Agency of the FBiH. He says that since the beginning of this year by the end of March, 26.185 persons have registered in the evidence of unemployed, among whom there are 15.586 […]

We get indebted because of the salaries of officials


Nezavisne novine: The Governments of BiH are getting into debt in order to pay their own salaries, what is a very risky economic policy, has been claimed by Fuad Kasumović, Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH. He explains how BiH will save 40 million KM in the budget of the Institutions of BiH, […]

More than 500 million dollars ready for BiH


Dnevni avaz: The Mission of the World Bank in BiH and the Directorate for Economic Planning (DEP) have done the analysis of economic situation in our country with the proposal of measures for its moderation. In that analysis it has been recommended to the domestic governments not to relax, because the crisis comes through a […]

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