ReSPA published a study for competences and professional requirements in the civil services of the Western Balkan countries


The Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) has published a study for assessing the scope of implementation of professional requirements and competence frameworks at the central level in the civil service administrations of the Western Balkan countries. The study also assessed their effectiveness in supporting key aspects of human resource management (HRM) in public administrations. […]

Cyber hygiene – online course


The online course “Cyber hygiene” was developed as part of the Geneva Center project for Security Sector Management “Good governance of cyber security in the Western Balkans”, with the support of the Office for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development of the United Kingdom. The course is intended for civil servants of all levels and profiles […]

In one year, 600 babies were registered electronically


As part of the implementation of the ‘E-baby’ project, which began in November last year, 600 babies were registered electronically in the registry books of the Municipality Centar, according to the official website of the Municipality Centar. As a reminder, the project was launched on the initiative of PARCO in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it […]

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