Stratesko planiranje


1. Strategic planning
2. Policy making, coordination and better regulation

This reform area is divided into the sub-areas “Strategic planning” and “Policy making, coordination and better regulation”.

In the segment of strategic planning, the main goal is to improve the planning of the work of ministries and the Council of Ministers, that is, governments. Strategic planning in the ministries must be connected with the strategic planning of the Council of Ministers, that is, governments. Ministries must start planning their work for the following year in a timely manner, and the part of their plan that relates to the activities of the Council of Ministers / governments must also be included in the draft of the annual work program of the Council of Ministers or governments. It was also envisaged that each ministry systematizes a unit or at least one position responsible for strategic planning.

In the area of policy making, coordination and better regulation (“better regulation”), RAP1 envisages the construction or improvement of a system that will ensure the highest possible quality of regulations and other acts which are containing decisions on public policies. Quality regulation has several elements. It must be horizontally aligned and coordinated, so that government policy is not just the sum of the policies of individual ministries, but a harmonious, coherent whole. Second, in drafting regulations, the proponent must consult the interested public. This means that he must first identify the actors of the interested public to whom he will send the draft regulation to consider it and make possible remarks, comments and suggestions. The third significant element of the quality of the regulation is the developed Impact Assessment (“Regulatory Impact Assessment”) in various aspects: in terms of the impact on public finances, macroeconomic development, enterprises (especially small and medium), the environment, social issues, etc.

Special attention is devoted to the computerization of the process of adoption of regulations. An upgrade of the government e-meetings system is planned, which should enable (where it does not yet exist) completely paperless operations of the Council of Ministers / governments.

When formulating goals and activities in the field of strategic planning, coordination and policy making, it was taken into account that there is a project of wide importance under the Public Administration Reform Fund; it is the project “The draft of the development of central government bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.