PAR Fund (Public Administration Reform Fund) presents finances intended by the donor community for implementation of public administration reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fund is intended for financing concrete measures of the Action Plan 1of the public administration reform only.
Memorandum on establishment of the PAR Fund has been signed by the prime ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federation of BiH and the Republic of Srpska, the Mayor of the Brčko District, the Minister of Finances of BiH, ambassadors of the donor countries; the Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden and the Chief of the Delegation of the European Commission in BiH in July 2007. This fulfilled formal preconditions for investment of 4.5 million euros of donated assets in projects of public administration reform for a period of three years.
Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office is not a beneficiary or does it individually dispose of the contents of the Fund. Usage of the Fund will be decentralised. That means that decisions on the placement of donated assets will be adopted on more than one level, to make nondedicated expenditures and arbitrariness of individuals impossible. Fund will be managed by the Management Board, without whose approval no project will be financed.
Donors’ contributions will be deposited on one, interest free foreign currency account held by the Ministry of Finances and Treasury of BiH in the Central Bank of BiH. Money will be separate budget item for expenditures of only approved projects. Financing from the PAR Fund can be increased either through participation of additional donors or through increase of shares of the existing donors. Donors will deposit contributions in the currencies of their countries. Assets will be transferred in instalments, and when deciding on the amount, donors will bear in mind the current progress and the needs of the PAR Fund for maintenance of liquidity. Memorandum on establishment of the PAR Fund contains detailed remarks on the usage of the assets of the Fund.