Action plan for the implementation of the EU Accession Communication Strategy


The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the session held on February 23, 2023, among other things, adopted the Action Plan for the implementation of the Communication Strategy of BiH institutions on the process of accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union – from candidate status to membership in 2023. Previously, […]

Aspiration towards Quality – a new cycle of the CAF self – assessment at Public Administration Reform Coordinator’ Office started


The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office has started implementing the third cycle of self -assessment by the CAF 2020 model. Namely, with the help of the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSpa) and the Center for Public Policy Research – KDZ Austria, employees of PARCO will be supported on their way to improving the work […]

The Municipality Centar presented the project “E-bebe” to the Delegation of the European Union


Representatives European Union Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Karel Lizerot, Florian Houser, Giulio Crespi, Taru Kernisalo, Dominika Sikorska and Jelena Maksić visited the Municipality Centar. On this occasion, Mayor Srđan Mandić and Assistant for General Administration Jasna Beba presented to them the “E-bebe” project, which the Municipality Centar has been successfully implementing since November 2021. […]

ReSPA published a study for competences and professional requirements in the civil services of the Western Balkan countries


The Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) has published a study for assessing the scope of implementation of professional requirements and competence frameworks at the central level in the civil service administrations of the Western Balkan countries. The study also assessed their effectiveness in supporting key aspects of human resource management (HRM) in public administrations. […]

In one year, 600 babies were registered electronically


As part of the implementation of the ‘E-baby’ project, which began in November last year, 600 babies were registered electronically in the registry books of the Municipality Centar, according to the official website of the Municipality Centar. As a reminder, the project was launched on the initiative of PARCO in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it […]

The Office for Legislation developed an Action Plan based on the CAF model


The Office for Legislation of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina completed its Action Plan for the improvement of the institution in the previous days. Namely, as the final part of the CAF (Common Assessment Framework) process, a workshop was held to prioritize activities and to create an Action Plan. Employees of the […]

A new CAF implementation workshop was held in the Office for Legislation


The Office for Legislation of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina continued its path towards a more efficient and effective organization. Namely, this organization has started its second cycle of implementation of the CAF model, and it is supported by the employees of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office. In the previous two […]

Ćuzulan: The new government has a chance to politically use candidate status of Bosnia and Herzegovina and make a significant step towards good governance


Organized by Transparency International, the conference “Priorities in the fight against corruption in BiH” was held in the “Evropa” hotel in Sarajevo, in which the US ambassador Michael J. Murphy, the Swedish ambassador Johanna Stromquist and the head of the EU delegation Johann Sattler participated. The state coordinator for public administration reform, Assoc. Dr. Dragan […]

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