Budget smaller by 233 million KM


Dnevni avaz: The House of Peoples of the Parliament of the FBiH has on Tuesday accepted the budget proposal for 2009. in a sum of 1.6 billion KM, which is by 233 million smaller in relation to 2008. Delegates have also accepted the conclusions which have been adopted by the House of Representatives, and by […]

Institutions of BiH enter 2009. without budget


Oslobođenje: Members of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of BiH have at the last night's session with 23 votes for, 7 against and 4 reserved adopted the principles of the proposal budget of the state institutions and the international obligations for 2009. During the session, "breaking" of the sum of the budget of […]

Birth certificate possible to issue in any municipality


Nezavisne novine: Each citizen in the RS will soon have the possibility to get a birth certificate and a certification on citizenship in any municipality of the RS, regardless of the place of birth. This has been announced yesterday by Zoran Lipovac, Minister of Local Governance and Self governance of the RS, by adding that […]

From January 1st – e-mail address helps issuing of visa


The Ministry of Security of BiH will from January 1st activate a special e-mail address fir the assistance to BiH citizens by issuing their visas, has been announced today from this Ministry. One of the basic goals of the Agreement on easements by issuing of visas between BiH and the EU, which has been inuring […]

The Government building will be the most modern in country


Dnevni list: The new building of the Federal Government in Mostar will be worked according to the project of one of the most known BiH architects, Amir Pašić. The project of this Mostar's architect, even though the complaint deadline of 15 days has not passed yet, was seen as the only and the best solution […]

Inspectors have written more than five million KM of penalties


Dnevni list: The Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs in cooperation with the cantonal inspectors have in November issued 6436 of violation dictates and penalties in height of even 5,412.266 KM, has been confirmed by director of the Administration, Ibrahim Tirak. The best results have been recorded in the work of market inspection, which has in […]

Will 78 million Euros be late?


Dnevni avaz: 78 million Euros from the fund of the Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), which Bosnia and Herzegovina was supposed to receive in 2009., will not receive before 2010. The tenders for the projects which will be financed by the money intended for last year are being levied just now, and after that the projects intended […]

Crowds before the inquiry desks are soon going to be the past


Nezavisne novine: By realization of the adopted strategy of electronic government citizens in the RS will from 2012. by using their computers be able to come to the required documents, access the land registry, virtual libraries, communicate with their doctors, pay taxes… This has yesterday been said by Krsto Grujić, Deputy General Secretary of the […]

Decree instead of the budget of the District


Nezavisne novine: The Supervisor for the District of Brčko, Rafi Gregorian has adopted the Decree on Interim Financing of Institutions of the District for the period from January 1st to March 31st, 2009., in the amount of 26.734.764 KM. From the Office of the Supervisor for the District of Brčko has been notified that the […]

Penalties weigh five and a half million KM


Dnevni avaz: The Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs during the one-month control in nine cantons, has detected 691 unregistered workers, issued 6.436 penalty dictates and sentenced penalties in a value of almost five and a half million KM. The control has been done by the inspections of work, market, traffic, health care and the forestry. […]

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