Happy New Year 2022


The employees of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office wish you happy and successful upcoming holidays and the New 2022!

ReSPA and PARCO Closing Conference for the In-Country project


ReSPA and PARCO organized the Closing Conference within the In-Country project to present the key preconditions for improving the digital public services in BiH as they are defined in the Action Plan of the Strategic Framework for Reform of Public Administration 2018-2022. The event gathered more than 50 senior officials from the institutions at BiH […]

IX International Scientific Conference: COVID 19 challenges and consequences


The European University of Brčko District and the European University “Kallos” Tuzla are organizing the IX International Scientific Conference on COVID – 19 Challenges and Consequences on May 28 this year in Brčko. In the introductory part, scientists and experts from 17 different countries will be addressed by phd. Ferid Otajagić, Deputy State Coordinator for […]

BiH needs 60 million BAM for public administration reform


Judging by the action plan for public administration reform, it is necessary to provide 60.2 million BAM by the end of 2022, which is almost impossible, especially if we take into account that the Public Administration Reform Fund has more than ten million BAM, which due to they do not use the non-existence of a […]

An online panel on improving fiscal and budgetary transparency was held


The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office and the BiH Ministry of Finance and Treasury, in cooperation with the Center for Civic Interest Representation – CPI Foundation, held an online panel today on improving fiscal and budgetary transparency, as part of one of the pilot projects of the Public Institutions Strengthening Program. Germany and the United […]

Ćuzulan for BHRT: Lack of political support – the main obstacle to public administration reform


“The main obstacles and obstruction of public administration reform come from the political mentality, which sees public administration as its monopoly. The precondition for good public administration is inclusiveness and transparent work “, said for BHT1 live the coordinator of the Office for Public Administration Reform Dragan Ćuzulan. As a reminder, public administration reform is […]

USAID support e-governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In support of transparency and reducing corruption in government-led processes, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) launched today five-year, $10.9 million E-Governance project. U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eric Nelson, stated that USAID and relevant BiH authorities will employ information technology solutions to “significantly reduce the amount of time and cost associated with […]

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