Conference “Open Government Partnership from vision to action”


Proactive publication of information and achievement of a higher degree of openness of public institutions, including also a fiscal transparency, are preconditions for strengthening accountability and efficiency at all the levels of governance as well as for a stronger influence of citizens on the process of planning and decision making, and strengthening of trust of […]

Proactive transparency: PARCO published salaries of employees


The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office published so far at the website a series of documents from the field of budget transparency. Among other things, salaries of employees in the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office have been published as well. The document in local language can be downloaded here. A step forward to promotion of […]

Eight hundred and two civil servants have been certified to work on Windows OS


Within the project “Training of Employees who execute the jobs of civil administration for application of information technologies and work on computers” a total of 829 employees in the bodies of civil service / administration, including the units of local self governance, was tested for work with the Windows operation system, of which 97% passed […]

Public consultations: Draft medium term work plan of the PARCO


In accordance with the Instruction on the methodology in the procedure of medium term planning, monitoring and reporting in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of BiH, No. 44/15), the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office publishes the draft Medium term work plan for the period 2017 – 2019. The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s […]

The new strategic framework for public administration reform by the end of July


The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed determination for implementation of the measures of the Reform Agenda and they supported continuation of the activities on the planned and coordinated strengthening of the efficiency and modernisation of public administration at all administration levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the objective of reaching standards and […]

Increased implementation of the reform objectives from the RAP 1


At the session of 6 June 2016, the Council of Ministers of BiH adopted the Annual Progress Report of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (monitoring of implementation of the Revised Action Plan 1 (RAP 1) of the Strategy of Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina) for 2015, which stated that 65 per cent […]

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