Answers for the European Commission prepared


Nezavisne novine: The Proposal document with responses to demand of the European Commission for technical information related to the structural dialog on jurisdiction reform in BiH is ready to be sent to Brussels. "Translation of document, which is a task of the Directorate for European Integration of BiH, has been completed. Document will be sent […]

The Government of the FBiH adopted the Revised Action Plan 1


At its 16th session held on August 24, 2011 in Mostar, the Government of the Federation of BiH has deliberated the Information on activities on revision of the Action Plan 1 of the Strategy of the Public Administration Reform, prepared by the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in BiH. During the session, mentioned information has […]

Council of Ministers of BiH defined the Proposal Law on BiH State Aid System


Dnevni avaz:  At today’s session, the Council of Ministers of BiH, by majority vote, has defined the Proposal Law on BiH State Aid System, with a goal of establishing and ensuring concurrence trade conditions as well as executing obligations by concluded international contracts. The proponent, Ministry of External Trade and Economic Relations, will deliver the […]

Starting from 2013 – new identification cards for BiH citizens


Nezavisne novine: Issuing new identification cards of BiH citizens should start at the beginning of 2013. The new ID will have a chip with the same biometrical data that the passports have, has been said today in Sarajevo by the Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH, Sredoje Nović.   By presenting to journalists the most […]

Institutions will be able to exchange data: Citizens will no longer collect their documentation?


E-kapija: Citizens of BiH will have many benefits from the "Administrative Decision Making in Bosnia and Herzegovina Quality Improvement Programme", whose drafting has been financed from the Public Administration Reform Fund. The recommendation for adopting new laws on general administrative procedure or changes and amendments of the existing ones represents the basis of this program.  […]

EU guide: In applying for funds do not wait for competition to be announced!


E-kapija: Regardless to competition or the EU funding program, some basic steps should be undertaken right away, in case you want to present your project successfully. You should start with analyses and preliminary preparations as soon as possible, in order to be able to define partners and prepare a qualitative project for some of the […]

Collection of SIGMA papers and reports published


SIGMA – joint initiative of the European Union and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – plays a significant role in public administration reform processes in South-East Europe countries. Through technical and advisory assistance, SIGMA is included in the public administration reform process in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. Important component of SIGMA […]

Informatization: BiH sets basis for the E-government establishment


E-kapija: Efficient and modern public administration represents a very important factor in whole development of economy and the improvement of concurrence of domestic products, while inefficiency results in weak services and it always goes against its users, citizens. Because of that, public administration reform, which is, according to all researches in BiH, still slow and […]

Reform: Three projects to improve the work of Public Administration


E-kapija: The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office currently implements three projects that will be of huge significance in improving policy drafting of government institutions and coordination capacity building. Funds for these projects have been ensured from the Public Administration Reform Fund for this area. According to Mrs. Semiha Borovac, National PAR Coordinator, one of the […]

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