Further fall of Bosnia and Herzegovina in ranking of the budget transparency


The governments around the world are reducing the number of information on the collection and consumption of public funds available to the public, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is among the countries that recorded the largest decline in transparency of the state budget, according to the results of the Open Budget Survey for 2017 (OBS), carried […]

SIGMA report for 2017


Yesterday, the Support for Improvement in Governance and Management (SIGMA) presented in Sarajevo the Report on measurement of the condition in BiH public administration for 2017. From the report, it is visible that in relation to the measurement in 2015, no significant progress was made in public administration reform, although there were examples where some […]

Dragan Ćuzulan, guest of the Dnevnik 3 (TV Journal) of the Federal Television


Dragan Ćuzulan, public administration reform coordinator in BiH, was a guest of the Dnevnik 3 of the Federal Television last evening, where he spoke on the latest SIGMA measurement in public administration for 2017, and the need for a continuation and quickening of the transformation of public administration in our country. “The function of public […]

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