The EU ready to sign the SAA with BiH on April 28


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – The EU is ready to sign the Stabilization and Association Agreement at the next meeting of the Council of the Union in Luxemburg, on April 28, if in the next period necessary legal regulations are adopted in relation with the police reform. This was released yesterday from the Ministry of Foreign […]

Employees Work without Salary


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – Employees of the Institute for Missing Persons (IMP) of BiH have not received salaries since the beginning of this year, because the Ministry of Finances and Treasury of BiH finds the Rulebook regulating these payments unacceptable. This was confirmed yesterday in the department ministry, which did not give a positive opinion […]

Green Light for the Law on Salaries


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – Commission for Finances and Budget of the House of Representatives of the BH Parliament, yesterday adopted the principles for Proposal of the Law on Salaries and Remunerations in the Institutions of BiH and Proposal of the Law on Fiscal Council of BiH, with standpoint that these are two basic reform laws. […]

The CIPS Directorate will be disbanded


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – The Council of Ministers of BIH will disband the CIPS Directorate, and its affairs will be taken over by the future agency for identification documents, records and exchange of data. It has been stipulated by the law on establishment of this agency, which was adopted last week by the Council of […]

Established list of candidates


Dnevni avaz: Commission of the BiH Parliament for selection of the General Auditor and his/her two deputies established three lists of candidates for these functions. This was confirmed by the member of the Commission, Duška Majkić. Of Serb nationality these are Dragan Kulina with 91 points, Božana Trninić with 76 and  Miroljub Krunić with 73 […]

For three positions 26 candidates


Dnevni avaz: For three positions of ombudspersons for human rights of BiH, 26 candidates applied. This was concluded at yesterday’s session of the Commission of the Parliament of BiH for appointment, after opening of received applications. "We were verifying whether the candidates fulfilled the formal conditions of the vacancy. We had some dilemmas in relation […]

Improve Business Ambience


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – Adoption of the law which will improve the ambience for investments and business, and higher degree of cooperation between the state institutions are necessary if a quicker economic progress is wanted. This is a standpoint of the members of the Commission for Finances and Budget of the House of Representatives of […]

Street Action Around BiH


SAN: Within campaign “Actively to Rationalisation of Administration”, yesterday in Mostar, Banja Luka and Tuzla were organised street actions entitled “Let’s Cut the Administration”. Action in Mostar was held on three locations, and only on one of them, in the Fejić street, in just one hour citizens filled more than 1.000 requests for decrease of […]

The NGOs ask for constitutional changes in favour of municipalities


Večernji list BH: If the constitutional amendments proposed by the NGOs led by the Forum of Citizens from Tuzla are adopted, citizens will have a guaranteed right to local and regional self governance, and municipalities certain source of financing. Public Debates Representatives of the Forum, former vice president of the FBiH,  Šahbaz  Džihanović and former […]

Public Revenues in the FBiH per worker 14.114 KM

26/03/2008 Achieved and distributed public revenues in the Federation of BiH, as recently said Vjekoslav Bevanda, minister of finances, last year amounted to 5.838 billion marks, 600 million more than year before. This year, according to his words, for the first time the public revenues could be over six billion marks, or around 45 percent […]

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