Achieved and distributed public revenues in the Federation of BiH, as recently said Vjekoslav Bevanda, minister of finances, last year amounted to 5.838 billion marks, 600 million more than year before.

This year, according to his words, for the first time the public revenues could be over six billion marks, or around 45 percent of the total GDP of the entity.

Entrepreneurs and chambers, which look at this through prism of employees and employers who provide this money, calculated that these taxes per worker last year amounted to 14,114 marks, considering that in 2007 in the FBiH there were on average 413,676 employees.

The Council of Experts of the Chamber of Foreign Commerce, evaluating the economic ambience in BiH, with the proposal of measures, concluded that nobody can sustain burdens this big, neither the employees, nor the employers, nor the consumers who pay the value added tax.

"Nobody takes this much. If we want good to the economy, taxes urgently need to be decreased" estimated Nikola Grabovac, the member of the Council, stating the arguments that it is better to decrease taxes and provisions, and increase the employment rate and in that way even increase the public revenues.

Objection has been expressed to distribution of public revenues. The biggest piece of “cake” goes to the Federal Government and to the cantons (90 per cent), and only 10 percent to the municipalities, which are the usual culprits also for bad roads, schools, health institutions…

In the RS 11.745 KM

In the Republic of Srpska burdens are lesser. Last year they gathered 3,009 billion marks of public revenues, which makes 11,745 KM per employee on an annual level. Provisions for municipalities almost doubled those in the Federation; around 20 per cent.

In the District 16.998 KM per worker

In the Brčko District, the public revenue last year amounted to 258.370 million KM or 16.998 marks per employee. The biggest part of the revenues, the District provided from the percentage of the VAT which belongs to them, 3,55 percent from the total gathered VAT in BiH.