Law protects unkind servants


Nezavisne novine:  The Law on Civil Service protects the employed in municipal administrations in a way that they do not have to be responsible for their unkindness and irresponsibility towards the citizens, whom they should serve. This has been claimed by Ibrahim Hadžibajrić, mayor of the municipality Stari grad, one of the rare ones, who […]

Websites on languages of the majority nation


Nezavisne novine:  Websites of majority of municipalities in BiH do not have the options of all three languages, but it is mostly the language of the majority nation in that municipality. So, the official website of Sarajevo only has the option for Bosnian and English language, Tuzla only Bosnian, the Municipality of Prijedor and Bijeljina […]

Digital connecting of courts


Oslobođenje: Digital connecting of notary offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina with judicial registries and land registry officers is the next step in development of this profession in our country. It has been talked about this yesterday with the delegation of the Notary Chamber of Austria, led by the chairman Dr. Klaus Woschank, with chairmen of […]

40.643 persons have rejected BiH citizenship


Dnevni avaz: In the post-war years, 40.643 Bosnians and Herzegovinians, who live all around the world, have refused their BiH citizenship and passport, it is the latest data of the state Ministry of Civil Affairs. More of those, who have taken foreign passports Bosnians and Herzegovinians, who attain the citizenship of another country, do not […]

87 Serbs among 125 interns employed


Dnevni avaz: The Mayor of the Brčko District, Dragan Pajić has recently informed on data that 125 highly educated young people, who are evidenced at the employment bureaus, will be employed in the government institutions and in a private sector, in order to do their internship, whose costs will be covered by the local budget. […]

Food quality in BiH almost equal to the one of the EU


Oslobođenje: On the basis of collected findings and their comparison with the findings from other countries, analytical percentage shows that in BiH we eat almost the same food as in the EU countries, has been said yesterday by director of the Food Safety Agency of BiH, Sejad Mačkić. He has added that on the basis […]

Public administration reform: 36.46% of measures implemented


The Institutions of BiH have by the end of June (this year) implemented 36.46% of measures of the Action plan 1 of the Strategy of public administration reform.   The biggest progress in relation to the previous report, has been recorded in the reform area of Public finances and it is 6.53%, while the smallest […]

General strike in September


Nezavisne novine: The civil servants and employees in the Government of the FBiH, judicial government and public institutions will in September get into the general strike by demanding the replacement of the whole FBiH Government, if the reduction of public spending does not equally relate to all users of the FBiH budget. This conclusion has […]

Trade deficit of BiH – almost 4 billion KM


Dnevni avaz: In July this year, Bosnia and Herzegovina has reached the total commodity turnover with the abroad in a value of almost 1.6 billion KM, out f which 509 million of 32% relates to the export, and 1.82 billion KM or 68% to the import. Less import – In a frame of the total […]

Without payments for work in commissions


By going from the new legal solutions, which introduce the measures of savings, the Government of the FBiH has yesterday taken up the standpoint that the remunerations for members of working groups and commissions, obligated for drafting legal and other regulations from the Work program of the FBiH Government, will no longer by paid. In […]

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