Tax on income suits workers


Oslobođenje: Since we have the laws at the level of state on custom policies, accises, VAT, we should also have the unified laws on tax on revenue of legal persons, tax on income, property, lottery and the unified tax administration, has been said at the beginning of conversation for Oslobođenje by director of the Tax […]

Integral market – ticket for the EU


Oslobođenje: The European Commission, along with the state coordinators for the IPA programs, works on the project of receiving of 40 million Euros of an urgent assistance for moderating the consequences of economic crisis. "The goal is to reduce the effects of global economic crisis. We cooperate on that with the state coordinators for the […]

Federation is not mature for huge projects


Nezavisne novine: Everyone in the Federation of BiH has become a part of a knotty hank of political ambient and they show that the FBiH is not a mature society for adopting the huge decisions and projects, has been said by the prime minister, of the FBiH, Nedžad Branković. He thinks that the FBiH should […]

We need to make a building for the state institutions


Nezavisne novine: It is possible to ensure the additional 30 million KM from the budget of BiH for assisting the returners, but the representatives of the RS do not accept it even though it would not mean for the state more revenues from the unified account, has been said by Dragan Vrankić, Minister of Finance […]

We expect misuses in tax cards


Dnevni list: Director of the Federal Taxation Administration, Midhat Arifović, in the interview for "Dnevni list" speaks on the main reasons and advantages of application of the new Law on Income Tax and says that it is about the social tax which will bring an order in chaotic tax system in the Federation and finally […]

BiH is not ready for biometric passports before June


Dnevni avaz: Bosnia and Herzegovina will be ready to begin issuing biometric passports from June next year, has been said in the interview for "Dnevni avaz" by Sredoje Nović, minister of civil affairs of BiH. That is a key condition which the European Union demands in order to abolish visas for traveling in the Schengen […]

Kemal Čaušević: Slow solving tax frauds and customs


Nezavisne novine: The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH does not obstruct processing the cases of tax frauds and customs, but those are very complicated subjects, so they are solving them slowly, says Kemal Čaušević, director of the Indirect Taxation Administration of BiH (ITA). Čaušević, to whom the mandate of the first man of the Administration expires […]

Our intervention has helped the banks


Dnevni avaz: The Governor of the Central Bank (CB) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kemal Kozarić claims that in our country there are no direct consequences of the economic crisis in the world, but that the indirect consequences are already obvious. He says that he is afraid for the standard of citizens, economic growth…..He said all […]

From November – electronic session of the Council of Ministers


Nezavisne novine: Holding the electronic sessions of the Council of Ministers of BiH should start from November, which is the first phase in realization of the Strategy of the Information Society in BiH, says Božidar Škravan, Advisor of the Minister for Transport and Communication of BiH and a head of the IT team in the […]

We are very worried because of the situation in BiH


Dnevni avaz: The Commissioner of the European Union for Enlargement, Olli Rehn is known as talker who is ready to say publically what he thinks, by neglecting the common diplomatic forms. A lot of expectations He was acting this way during the interview with “Dnevni avaz”, and even more direct and open (some say tempered) […]

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