Nezavisne novine: ZENICA – The Municipality of Zenica has successfully implemented the project “Ugovor”, a municipal action plan which is a part of the agreement with the OSCE Mission, signed on March 16th 2005. The project consisted of five modules and they are all successfully implemented.

“Zenica is a leading Municipality in the region. You have financial power and in many areas you are the leading one. You have a long tradition of cooperation with the citizens in different projects, and you have very successfully implemented the project “Ugovor”, has been said by Arlet Stojanović, the project manager of the “Ugovor”.

She has yesterday consigned the certificate for successfully implemented project “Ugovor” to Husein Smajlović, the Head of the Municipality of Zenica, and Milenko Karović, the Speaker of the Council of the Municipality of Zenica.  

Related to implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, the Municipality of Zenica has created an info point, guide through municipal services, form for the information access in the Municipality, and documents for citizens can be found on the website of the Municipality.