Dnevni avaz: According to the data of the Ministry for Finance of the Federation of BiH, more than eight million KM of the overtaken credit obligations, for which the agreements have been signed and for which the international institutions have approved the money, lies unused over different banks.

The kicks of the creditors

Everyone’s mouths are filled by necessity of investments, contributions and pacing the renovation, but hundreds of million KM have been unused. The problem is not only in the federal institutions, even if there are many of them on the list of those who do not use the approved credits. Money is not contributed neither by the municipalities, nor cantons – has been said for “Dnevni avaz” by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH and the minister for Finance, Vjekoslav Bevanda.

According to him, because of this problem alerts of the big creditors are bigger and bigger, as are from the European Bank for renovation and development or the World Bank. Kicks of the creditors are clear, in respect to the fact that the money should have been directed to the concrete projects for benefit of the citizens, and it is often forgotten that there has been a long procedure towards their approvals, as in BiH, so in other countries as well.

Those who think that money from approved credits can be placed in the banks just like that – they are wrong. In the each credit obligation there are clear terms which regulate this situation, and the penalties go between 0,3 or even to 2% of the approved funds. Because of this, only for penalties we have paid around eight million KM, and nothing has been done – intonates Bevanda.

Budget proposal

He did not want to allege in detail what are the institutions which in this way, because of their mess, punish the citizens of BiH by non implemented projects, and then additionally by financial penalties which are, of course, paid by the budget of BiH. Generally, there are no areas in which this problem does not show up. Penalties for non implemented funds we pay out of the not built highways and not created trash depots. Today we have a list of some units for project implementation and they drive jeeps and receive good salaries, and results of their work, we see – says Bevanda.