Big number of unsolved cases has been found


Dnevni avaz: The ombudsmen for human rights of BiH expect that the National Assembly of the RS will bring the Law on Cancelation of this position on the entity level, which the FBiH has done, by which the frame for an adequate work of this institution would be circled. At the yesterday's press conference in […]

Opened website of the new Presidency of the EU


The Government of the Czech Republic has in public opened a website of the new Presidency of the EU. The slogan of the Czech Presidency of the European Union says "Europe without barriers" – which relates to the concurrency, four freedoms and the liberal trade policy. Other priorities include a sustainable and secure energy, the […]

New Year and the 1st of May unarguable


Nezavisne novine: Citizens of BiH could this year get the days which they will celebrate all together if the Council of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH adopt the Proposal Law which has been sent to them by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH. Damir Dizdarević, Deputy Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH, […]

The RS: New tax calculations by the gross principle


Oslobođenje: The tax payers in the Republic of Srpska have from January 1st this year proceeded to the new calculation of contribution by gross principle. Prescribed rates of contribution (30.60%) they apply to the gross income, which means that from the gross income they subtract the calculated contributions and get an income which then gets […]

New system for better security


Nezavisne novine: The system for control of the accession and work time in the Administrative center of the Government of the RS will contribute to securing the objects, commodities and properties. This has been said yesterday by Zlatko Jurić, Senior Expert Associate in the Bureau of the Government of the RS for public relations, who […]

There are no mechanisms for combat against the crisis


Dnevni avaz: In the budget of the FBiH for 2009. there are no mechanisms for confrontation to the global economic crisis and its impact on the state, has been said by the Minister of Finance of the FBiH, Vjekoslav Bevanda. Bevanda has said that the budget, with planned revenues of 1.6 billion KM, which is […]

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