Biometric Identification Cards by 2013


Dnevni avaz: Issuing the new identification cards supplemented by biometric chip, as the ones which will be found next year in BiH passports, could begin in 2013, has been said by the director of the Agency for the CIPS project implementation, Mr. Siniša Macan for “Dnevni avaz”. According to him, the new identification cards are […]

Five civil servants got dismissed


Nezavisne novine: GLAMOČ – The Civil Service Agency of the Federation BiH has confirmed five cases of dismissals of civil servants of the Municipality of Glamoč. Officers were either illegally employed, or did not qualify for their positions. From seven civil servants, who did not successfully start revision process, two cases of dismissals are in […]

BiH institutions are an easy target for hackers


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO, BANJA LUKA – Earlier invasion of Kosovo hackers on the internet sites of many institutions in the country and region, among which is the official site of BiH Parliament, has awaken fears of possible unauthorized use of the website and the data by skilled hackers. Despite of that, it has been said […]

Hundreds of Contracted


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – In the institutions of BiH there are hundreds of contracted officials, while according to systematization there is a significant number of vacant job positions, state auditors have recorded. In the Office for Legislation of BiH in 2007 there have been fifteen contracted persons; while there have been nine persons permanently employed. […]

Employees received the rules of conduct


Nezavisne novine: BANJALUKA – In the new administrative center of the Government of the Republic of Srpska a decision about the house order started to be applied. According to these rules, employees are not allowed to have private visitations, or unnecessarily stay in the hallways and other offices. This decision was brought on Monday by […]

New building is being built for the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to build a new building for state’s ministries, offices and agencies, has been confirmed by Fuad Kasumović – deputy minister of the Ministry for Finances and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina.    Kasumović, who is also the national coordinator for renovation of […]

Twenty percent of obligations for visa abolishment fulfilled


Dnevni avaz: Bosnia and Herzegovina has by now fulfilled 20 percent of tasks contained in the list of obligations which the European Union has set as a condition for abolishment of visa regime for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This has been said for “Dnevni avaz” by Samir Rizvo, chairman of Inter-Ministries Working Group […]

Municipality of Oštra Luka received an OSCE certificate


Nezavisne novine: Municipality of Oštra Luka has received a certificate regarding successfully finished OSCE project “Public Administration Reform”, has been said in the Ministry of Administration and Local Self Governance of the RS. “By ending this project, which is related to public finances and human resources, management of the Municipality of Oštra Luka have showed […]

Sharper control of civil servants


Nezavisne novine: Before beginning of issuing biometric passports, which is planned for the end of the next year, control of the civil servants of the institutions which issue the documents, will be maximally sharpened. This has been said for “Nezavisne novine” by Siniša Macan, the director of Directorate for Implementation of the CIPS project. This […]

Constitution of the Fiscal Council of BiH – in September


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – Constitutional conference of the Fiscal Council of BiH will be held in September, has been said by Lazar Prodanović, vice chairman of the commission for Finance and Budget of the Parliament of BiH. This Council will take on responsibility of agreeing the state and entity budgets.  “The House of Representatives and […]

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