Strategy of the Public Administration Reform is all comprising and universal document which offers strategic framework for the aforementioned reform. It is focused on improvement of general administrative capacities, to be more exact, the ways in which state administration is organised, and how it creates policies, drafts and executes budget, recruits and trains staff.

Strategy has been made by the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, with the support of the Technical Assistance Team of the European Commission. Antecedent to it were the Systemic Overview of the Institutions of the Public Administration in BiH, and the Functional Overview. The former covered the general capacities in the six areas of public administration: human potentials, public finances, drafting of legal regulations, administrative procedure, information technologies, institutional communication, and the latter covered the estimation of distribution of charges and functions, comparison with the situation in other European countries and recommendations for rationalisation and reorganisation of functional charges of the administrative institutions. In creation of the Strategy, suggestions of the wider public were used, gathered by the means of workshops, media gatherings and polls.

Strategy states basic principles of the public administration reform: openness, participation, accountability, efficiency, effectiveness and coherence, and stresses goals of the reform: to make public administration organised, financially efficient and professional and provide that it serves citizens, in accordance with the best European practice. Strategy reflects criteria of the association with the European Union, values and principles of the European administrative space and it is harmonised with the Mid-term Development Strategy of BiH and Strategy of the European integrations of BiH.

Concil of Ministries of B&H, entity’s and BD Government adopted the Strategy in 2006, confirming determination and accepting the accountability for the implementation of the public administration reform. By adoption of the Strategy, governments accepted also the obligation of regularly informing the public on the progress of the reform and the will to improve it in accordance with the results.

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1 Strategy for Public Administration Reform