It is necessary to increase the transparency and work openness of the cantonal governments and assemblies in FBiH

Although all ten cantonal governments have an official website and a functional search engine with the exception of the government of West Herzegovina Canton, no government has a published organization chart, and the Prime Minister’s biography can only be found with the government of the Herzegovina – Neretva Canton, as it was said at the […]


PARCO participated at the meeting of the Coordination Committee of the Digital Summit for the Western Balkans for 2022

On May 11, 2022, the second meeting of the Coordination Committee of the Digital Summit for the Western Balkans was held in Brussels, at which the PAR Coordinator also had the opportunity to participate. On behalf of BiH, the key representative is the Ministry of Transport and Communications of BiH as the main bearer and […]


A workshop for civil servants in the field of proactive transparency was held

Today, the representatives of PARCO, the Agency for Statistics in BiH and Transparency International BiH held a workshop for civil servants of state institutions of BiH in the field of proactive transparency, explaining the concept of open government and the benefits of a transparent approach in publishing data. As it was said at the workshop, […]


Prof. Dr. Ferid Otajagić: Administrative procedure is a key aspect of public administration reform in BiH

Yesterday, PARCO in BiH organized a round table where legal experts from SIGMA – OECD and all levels of government in BiH discussed normative and practical aspects of the law in administrative procedure in BiH. Deputy State Coordinator, prof. Dr. Ferid Otajagić explained that administrative decision-making is a key issue in public administration reform. “The […]



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