Project number:
Project name: Political Party, Ministry Communications and Policy Analysis Development
Short description: International Republican Institute (IRI) focuses on providing municipal branches of political parties with specific training (planning, research, recruitment of new members, local coalition building and voter outreach), thus increasing their ability to work on concrete issues of local concern. IRI also helps parties to build and maintain linkages with civil society organizations. IRI provides technical advice to select government ministries on how to structure their executive secretariats and manage their public relations. In addition, the program supports local policy analyses and research organizations to encourage issue-based politics and improve policy outcomes.
Project Area: Institutional communication/Policy making
Donor: USAID
Implementing organization or partner: International Republican Institute (IRI)
Implementation status: Completed
Duration: July 2003-September 2007
Total Budget (€): 2,259,568.00 (USD 3,200,000.00)
Budget by years of implementation: 2003 2004 2005


Contact person for Donor: Kasey Vannett, USAID Sarajevo, Hamdije Ćemerlića 39, phone:+387 33 702 300,