No Project name Donor Status Budget (EUR)
1 Capacity Building of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury in Decentralization Implementation System in Bosnia and Herzegovina DEU Ongoing 1,599,440.00
2 Strengthening National Capacities for Strategic Planning and Policy Development Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherland, EC, Embassy of Norway, UNDP Finished 2,500,000.00
3 Capacity building of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office DEU Ongoing 1,845,400.00
4 Development of an information system for Public Procurement Notices (GO PROCURE) DEU Finished 87,800.00
 5 Spatial information services for BiH-phase two-digital ortophoto maps  DEU  Ongoing  1.280.000,00
 6  e-portal  DEU  Ongoing  197.800,00
 7  e-learning  DEU  Ongoing  115.325,00
 8 Strenghtening HRM Systyem in the Aera of Civil Service Training  DEU  Completed  500.000,00
9  Supplies for IDDEA  DEU  Ongoing  1.088.247,41
 10 Development and Implementation of an Integral BiH wide PIFC Strategy  DEU  Ongoing  1.117.080,00
 11 Technical assistance to the Communication Regulatory Agency (CRA) in relations to telecommunications and telecommunications regulatory framework  DEU Finished  960.600,00
12 EU Awareness II (EUA II)  DEU  Ongoing  1.248.100,00
13 Special Information Services for BiH-Phase I Establishing of Network of Referent GPS stations  DEU  Ongoing  991.719,32
 14 Optical backbone backup for synchronous digital hierarchy SDH network  DEU  Finished  315.700,00
 15 Support to the Governmetn for the European Integration process and Co-ordination of Community Assistance-Phase III  DEU  Ongoing  1.696.080,00
 16 Support to Further EU Acquis Alignment of the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH DEU  Ongoing  2.375.000,00
17 Population and Housing Census in BH-Phase I  DEU  Completed  499.200,00