Project number: 01-07-253/08,
Project name: Development of Performance Management System in the Structures of Civil Service in BiH
Short description:

Overall objective

The realisation of the project should contribute to fulfilment of public administration reform priorities in BiH and contribute to realisation of overall objective in the field of Human Resources Management. Overall objective is improving work effectiveness of the civil service/administration through developing and implementing effective system of performance management and managing work results that will be applied in institutions and administration bodies on various authority levels in BiH.

Purpose of the project

Creating an open and just performance management system supported by appropriate components (policies, implementation regulations and procedures, resources and training) in the bodies of the state service/administration on the levels of the BiH institutions, the entities and the BiH Brčko District that should ensure motivational effect on work of the employees and create assumptions for development of career in the civil service. The performance management system should be grounded on harmonised principles and standards arising from modern policies of managing human resources, experience of the EU member states and the best practices from public sector, that would, at the same time, respond to the needs of various authority levels in BiH.

Project Description

The project aims at building the performance management system as extremely important element of overall reform goal of introduction of modern human resources management system in public administration on different levels in BiH. Performance management system, apart from work appraisal, which is introduced to civil servants, comprises also elements which relate to probation work, training and development management, career management, and motivation of civil servants through the system of awards and advancement.

Project Area: Human Resources Management
Contracting Authority: Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in BiH
Implementing organization or partner: Consortium: Djikic Consulting Services d.o.o. i Đikić d.o.o.
Beneficiary: The main project beneficiaries are: the Civil Service Agency of BiH (the CSA BiH), the Civil Service Agency of the FBiH (the CSA of the FBiH), the State Administration Agency of the RS (the SAA RS), the Subdivision for Human Resources Management of the BD BiH, the Ministry of Justice of BiH (the MJ BiH), the Ministry of Administration and Local Self Governance of the RS (the MALSG RS), the Ministry of Justice of the FBiH (the MJ FBiH) as leading institutions and administration bodies in charge of public administration reform in the area of Human Resources Management. Apart from the above mentioned, project beneficiaries are all institutions and administration bodies on the level of institutions of BiH, the FBiH, the RS and the Brčko District, which apply the provisions of the Law on Civil Service by respective levels of administration in BiH.
Geographical Area to be Covered/Location: BiH, entities and Brčko District BiH
Implementation status: Finished
Duration: January 04, 2010. – October 31, 2011.(21 months)
Total contracted budget without VAT (in KM): 649.900,00 KM
Contracted budget by years of implementation (KM): 2010 2011 2012


 389.940,00 KM 259.960,05 KM  


Contact person for Donor: Aleksandar Karišik, Expert Adviser for Human Resources Management Area, Vrazova 9, Sarajevo, phone. 033-565-776, fax: 033-565-761, e-mail: