Project number: SAR16732
Project name: Strengthening National Capacities for Strategic Planning and Policy Development
Short description: UNDP will support a broad-based program to strengthen planning, analytical work and public resources management by defining, providing and institutionalizing organizational and human resource capacities for strategic planning and policy development, and improve linkages between planning and budgeting in line ministries at the State and Entity levels. Replenishment of government plans come from external and internal sources. Capacity building in SPPD will be linked to the budgeting process as well as the issue of aid coordination. Related to this is support to the Committee for the Coordination of International Aid including the transfer of capacities that have been developed through the Donor Coordination Forum.
Project Area: Policy making
Donor: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, EC, Embassy of Norway, UNDP
Implementing organization or partner: UNDP
Implementation status: Initial
Duration: 2007-2010
Total Budget (€): 2,500,000.00
Budget by years of implementation ($): 2007 2008
2009 2010
Contact person for Donor: Erik Litver, 2nd Secretary, Grbavicka 4, 71000 Sarajevo, 033-562623, 033-223413,