State coordinator for public administration reform Darko Kasap was a guest on BHT1 television, and the reason for his guest appearance was the holding of the seventh meeting of the Special Group for public administration reform between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU on April 16, 2024.

Kasap said that the most important recommendations of the PAR Special Group refer to the adoption and harmonization of all laws on civil service. He also spoke about the political support for public administration reform that was absent in previous years. The political wind behind the reforms was given by the adoption of the Common Platform on the principles and method of implementation of public administration reform, and the formation of an intergovernmental working body – the Coordinating Committee for Public Administration Reform.

The Coordination Committee, which consists of the chairperson of the Council of Ministers of BiH, the presidents of the entity governments and the mayor of Brčko District of BiH, held its first session in February this year, and gave the first guidelines for the continuation of the reform.

The Coordinator for public administration also spoke about the financing of the public administration reform, the Fund for Public Administration – an instrument from which many projects were financed, the need for donor investments, but also greater allocations by domestic authorities for public administration reform. The topics of digitization of public administration, and where BiH is today, in relation to the rest of the candidate countries for EU membership, were also opened. Watch his guest appearance here: