Harmonized improvement of the administrative-legal framework in the reform area of service delivery is one of the measures of the Action plan of the Strategic Framework for Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Support for the implementation of activities that contribute to the implementation of this measure was the topic of a meeting held yesterday in Sarajevo by representatives of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office and SIGMA with representatives of the USAID e-Government project, UNDP and the Institute for Informatics and Statistics of Sarajevo Canton.

The goal of this meeting was the exchange of information on the activities carried out in this area, which relate to the developed system for solving requests for construction permits, the connection of the functionality of the system with legal solutions at different administrative levels, with a focus on the proposed amendments at the federal and at the cantonal level, connection with electronic registers (cadaster), as well as activities related to the catalog of services of the administrative bodies of Sarajevo Canton and the piloting of certain electronic services, and also work on a legal solution related to electronic administration.

In the past period, the Public Administration Reform Coordinators Office and SIGMA held a series of meetings with the competent institutions of the state, entity and Brčko District of BiH, in order for SIGMA to collect the necessary information in terms of identifying two or three administrative procedures/services, and to support the establishment of activities for cooperation on their simplification, such as construction permit and motor vehicle registration procedure.

In addition to the round table for support to the implementation of measures related to the coordinated improvement of the administrative-legal framework in the reform area of service delivery, which SIGMA held in cooperation with the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office and competent institutions in June of this year, SIGMA within the framework of this reform measures actively works to provide support to institutions in activities related to catalogs of administrative services (structure, establishment process, updating) and similar.