Public administration reform, digitization and the introduction of electronic signatures are some of the key reforms facing Bosnia and Herzegovina if it wants to improve all segments of everyday life, including the economic picture.

Public Administration Reform Coordinator (PARCO) Dragan Ćuzulan and Director of the Agency for Identification Documents, Records and Data Exchange BiH (IDDEEA BiH) Almir Badnjević discussed inter-institutional development, projects and implementation of electronic signatures and open data portals.

They discussed key aspects of inter-institutional development in BiH.

They emphasized the importance of cooperation between PARCO and IDDEEA in order to improve the efficiency and transparency of public administration in the country. They agree that it is necessary to establish strong cooperation between institutions in order to achieve progress in the digitization of administrative processes.

The present PARCO expressed interest in the Agency’s activity regarding the implementation of electronic signatures in public administration.

Ćuzulan pointed out that the electronic signature is a key tool for improving the efficiency of administrative procedures and reducing bureaucracy.

He emphasized that PARCO is willing to provide support to IDDEEA in the implementation of the electronic signature in order to ensure its wide application in all public administration institutions.

Badnjević informed about the activities which are undertaken by the Agency.

They also discussed the importance of open data portals for transparency and availability of information to citizens. Badnjević emphasized that IDDEEA BiH is in the final phase of implementing the open data portal and that, in the coming days, it is expected that the open data portal will be put into operation.