The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Justice, adopted the Decision on the adoption of the Common Platform on the principles and method of implementation of public administration reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As, among other things, it was stated in the explanation, the Common Platform represents a political and legal framework for the cooperation of administrative bodies of all levels of government in the process of public administration reform in BiH, as well as for the implementation of the Strategic Framework for public administration reform and accompanying Action plans. This document establishes the principles, method and mechanisms of the implementation of public administration reform in BiH, as well as the implementation of strategic and action documents.

The Common platform is applied in the implementation of reform measures that have been established as joint and individual, and aims to ensure the implementation of reform measures and activities in order to achieve the established reform goals in the field of public administration in BiH and achieve one of the 14 priority conditions that BiH should fulfill before the start of the negotiations on membership in the European Union.

The principles on which the Common Platform is based define the basic framework for the implementation of reform measures as political support, partnership of all levels of government and efficiency, and the importance of preserving a systematic and coherent approach to public administration reform in order to achieve common principles of public administration. At the same time, the state of public administration at different levels of government, organizationally, legally and functionally, is not balanced so that the continuation of joint activities on the implementation of measures should not slow down any level in further reform interventions. Therefore, among the fundamental principles, the factor of individual progress and unquestionable respect for constitutional frameworks in the sphere of public administration are honored.

In the process of drafting this document, along with the PARCO and representatives of the Cabinet of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the coordinators for public administration reform of the entities and Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the technical assistance team were involved.