PARCO continues to provide support to public administration institutions in improving their work. Namely, in the previous two days, employees of PARCO provided professional support through training for employees of the Office for Legislation in the application of the Common Assessment Framework tool – CAF 2020.

We remind you that this is a European quality management tool designed by the public administration with the aim of helping organizations across Europe to improve their work and to become more efficient and effective.

In the past few years, PARCO has provided professional support to all interested institutions in the introduction of this tool. The Office for Legislation is an institution that continuously improves its work by applying various tools, all for the purpose of providing the highest quality services to its users.

In the coming period, the employees of the Office for Legislation will go through a self-assessment process, and then they will create an Action Plan for the improvement of the institution, which will be the basis for more efficient and effective work of this institution.