In the previous two days, representatives of the PARCO held a basic training of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) for representatives of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH. Namely, this European tool for quality management has been implemented in BiH by 22 public administration organizations so far, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH is the first from the state level to decide to improve its work through this tool.

As a reminder, since 2016, PARCO has been supporting all interested institutions in the introduction of the CAF, as well as other tools that improve the work of public organizations. CAF is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps public sector organizations across Europe to implement a quality management system for improvement the organization’s overall performance. This tool belongs to the category of Total Quality Management (TQM) tools. It is specifically designed for public sector organizations, taking into account their characteristics and responsibilities which they have in relation to service delivery.

The model is based on the assumption that excellent results in the areas of organizational performance, citizens / users, people and society are achieved through a strategy based on leadership and planning, as well as with the help of people in the organization, partnerships, resources and processes. The organization is viewed from different angles simultaneously through a holistic approach to organizational performance analysis.