In compliance with the activities under “Operation Plan for Introduction of Quality Management in the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period 2016 – 2018”, Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, in March, invited public administration institutions to express their interest in support in introducing CAF (Common Assessment Framework) model of quality management.

Four institutions expressed their interest for introduction of this model: The Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IDDEEA), Legislative Office of Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Labour and Employment Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Agency for Anti-Doping Control of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Representatives of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, with the support of the “Programme of Strengthening of Public Institutions”, implemented by the GIZ and the British Embassy in Sarajevo in BiH, have held workshops on CAF, as the first step in the implementation of the model in all mentioned institutions.

Employees and management inclusion through forming self-assessment working groups shows a special commitment to this process, which, through successful implementation, should identify measures for improvement of the work of the institutions. It is particularly emphasised that the focus of quality management are users/citizens and the improvement of public service represents the key element for ensuring good management in the public sector organizations.

CAF in the Central Bosnia Canton

Office for European Integration, Funds, Public Relations and Quality by International Standards of the Central Bosnia Canton has in the last period expressed its interest for introduction of the CAF model, and on that occasion addressed the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, as the CAF resource center. In November, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office trainers held training for the representatives of this cantonal institution in Travnik.

Civil Service Agency of the Federation of BiH and Civil Service Agency of the Republika Srpska commitment to quality management

The Government of the Republika Srpska has adopted the Conclusion giving consent to the Civil Service Agency of the Republika Srpska for introduction of the CAF, which is obliged to transfer acquired knowledge to all interested administrative bodies in the Republika Srpska and to actively work on the quality management development and the CAF implementation in the administration. The Government of the Federation of BiH supported introduction of CAF in the Civil Service Agency of the Federation of BiH, as a cost-free and simple tool to help public sector organizations in using quality management techniques, and the Agency has already completed the self-assessment process and developed its improvement plan.