The platform for practical exchange between the quality management specials in the public administration of Bosnia-Herzegovina counts 10 institutions working actively on quality standards and creating mechanisms to open up towards citizens, clients and employees.

In 2013, during the phase 2 of the Programme of Strengthening of Public Institutions, an inter-institutional working group for QM in BiH was formed. In 2016, appointed members, 10 of them at the time, presented the results of their work: Guidelines for Users’ Satisfaction Survey and the Guidelines for Implementation of ISO 3001:2008 at the regional conference in Sarajevo, in November, and gave an insight into the methodology of the employees’ satisfaction survey.

During 2017, an operational work plan for the period 2017 – 2019 has been agreed upon, which defined subgroups, principal bodies and time frame for work in the following areas:

1) Implementation Guidelines ISO 9001:2015 in Public Administration

2) Guidelines for Public Administration Users’ Satisfaction Survey, addition to the first edition

3) Guidelines for Employees Satisfaction Survey in Public Administration

4) Connection the Financial Quality Management (FQM) and the Systems of Quality Management (CAF and ISO)

5) Promoting Activities in Quality Management in Public Administration

Engagement of the group members has so far shown excellent results in terms of using group format as a platform for exchanging experience, improving knowledge and strengthening capacities in the CAF and ISO standards.

During the 10th meeting, held on 5 and 6 November 2017, a short overview of benefits of the QMS implementation was given: strengthened team spirit and open communication within institutions, increased transparency, better performance, results orientation, focus on needs and expectations of the users, defining processes, mandates, identification of strengths and the need for improvement, improved performance monitoring, and increased employees involvement.