Project number: 00049231
Project name: Support to the FBiH Government and Civil Service Agency in the effective PAR implementation
Short description: Within the larger process of modernizing and improving the public administration in BiH in general, in this project UNDP focuses on the improvement of human resources practices in the civil service of the Federation of BiH – the largest and the most complex civil service structure in BiH. Given the fact that EU integration process demands highly professional and competent civil servants, it is of critical importance for the FBiH Civil Service Agency and individual institutions to change the way of managing human resources. Present non-strategic and non-managerial personnel function needs to gradually be replaced by modern human resources management. To that end, it is envisaged for this project to tackle two broad HR issues: establishment of modern HRM practice (i.e. new units/jobs, introduction of Human Resources Information Software), and organization of work (i.e. conducting job analysis and drafting new job descriptions and specifications)
Project Area: Human resources/Administrative procedures/Information technology
Donor: Government of Japan
Implementing organization or partner: UNDP
Implementation status: Finished
Duration: June 2006 to June 2009
Total Budget (€): 281,740.00 (USD 399,000.00)
Budget by years of implementation ($): 2006 2007
2008 2009
32 436 230 908 67 828 67 828
Contact person for Donor: Damir Ahmetović, Chief Technical Advisor, ; Tel. +387 33 563 705
Elzemina Bojičić, Project Assistant,, 387 33 563 826