Project number: 310-542-037-CW-001
Project name: Aid Coordination and Effectiveness Project (ACE)
Short description:

Project desciption: The project will support the development of capacity to co-ordinate international assistance to the country in line with the principles of the Paris Declaration, comprising the Sector for the Co-ordination of International Aid (SCIA) in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury BiH (MoFT), Ministry of Finance FBiH (MoFFBH), Ministry of Finance RS (MoF RS), Ministry for Economic Relations and Coordination RS (MoERC RS), and the Board for the Co-ordination of International Aid (BCIA). The assistance to be provided will comprise of integrated training, management support and development tools and will be linked to other resource planning processes, including the preparation of the Country Development Strategy and the development of sector-based strategic planning.

Project objective: Creation and adoption of a functional aid coordination architecture, to facilitate development and improvement of process of planning, programming and management of external funds in line with BiH development priorities.

Project Area: Aid Coordination
Donor: UK Department for International Development (DFID)
Implementing organization or partner: Coffey
Implementation status: Completed
Duration: February 2009 – March 2011
Total Budget (€): 1,015,257
Budget by years of implementation: 2009 2010 2011


£ 380,000 £456,000 £114,000  
ontact person for Donor: Ruvejda Aliefendić, Economic Policy Coordinator, Petrakijina 11, Sarajevo, phone: +387 33 282 470; e-mail: