Project number: IPA/2009/209-859
Project name: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementation on Citizen Identification Protection System – CIPS locations responsible for issuing CIPS documents
Short description: Delivery of a complete PKI infrastructure and applications provided to all CIPS systems; Analysis and delivery of a procedure for internal capacity building to ensure security PKI system is in place; Delivery of full version of PKI applications.
Project Area: CIPS
Donor: European Commission (EC)
Implementing organization or partner: LANAKO KOMPJUTERI & KOMUNIKACIJE DOO
Implementation status: Completed
Duration: June 30, 2009 – June 30, 2010
Total Budget (€): 180,000.00
Budget by years of implementation ($): 2006 2007 2008




Contact person for Donor: Faris Hadrović, Task Manager, Skenderija 3a, Sarajevo, phone:+387 33 25 47 00