In Banja Luka on Friday, April 26, 2024, a conference on challenges and perspectives in the process of public administration reform on the European path of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held and participants were coordinator Željko Škarica, deputy coordinator for the public administration reform of the Republika Srpska Mikan Davidović and coordinator for the public administration refrom of the Brčko District of BiH Davor Šolaja.

The participants of the conference through a panel discussion, led by the moderator Božo Marić, president of the Trade Union of the Administration of the RS, learned about where BiH is today when it comes to reform, while in another panel trade unions and representatives of the business community presented their views.

The state coordinator for public administration reform spoke about the implementation of reform measures, political support through the establishment of an inter-institutional working body – the Coordinating Committee for Public Administration Reform, and the need for domestic authorities to allocate more money for agreed activities.

When it comes to cooperation with trade unions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kasap emphasized that they were invited to participate in the preparation of earlier strategic documents in the field of public administration reform, and that the Republika Srpska Administration Trade Union was particularly interested in the public consultation process.

After the presentation of the union members and the coordinator for public administration reform, a conclusion was reached to continue good cooperation and social dialogue for the purpose of public administration reform and protection of workers’ rights.

The conference was attended by, among others, the president of the Union of Administration and Justice of Montenegro Nenad Rakočević, the president of the Union of State and Local Civil Servants and Employees of the Republic of Croatia Iva Šušković, the president of the Independent Union of Civil Servants and Employees in Civil Service Bodies, Judiciary and Public Institutions in FBiH Samir Kurtović, and Zoran Škrebić, president of the Union of Employers of the Republika Srpska.