Deputy Coordinator for Public Administration Reform, Amira Mašović, participated in the conference entitled “Localization of the Work Results Measurement System”, which was held today in Sarajevo.

Mašović emphasized that the public administration reform, which is being carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, foresees the introduction of the quality management system in the public sector (CAF).

She also spoke about the implementation of the CAF in the Public Administration Reform.

“Today we can proudly say, as various reports say, that Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with North Macedonia, is the leader in the region both in terms of the number of users of this tool for improving the success of organizations, but also in terms of expertise in this area.” she pointed out.

With the aim of examining the effects of the application of the “Common Assessment Framework (CAF) for local self-government units in BiH”, an expert team was formed, made up of experienced municipal/city civil servants.

Some of the recommendations of this work team is that the CAF model is applicable for all LGUs, especially for those that do not perform self-assessment or through ISO standards.

The conclusion is that the good practices of LGUs that use the CAF model need to be further promoted and made available to as many LGU employees as possible.