The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, adopted the semi-annual progress report for January – June 2023, which refers to the implementation of Strategic Framework Action Plan for Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The semi-annual measurement of the progress achieved in the implementation of the Action Plan for the public administration reform showed that by the beginning of June this year, 14.31 percent of activities had been carried out, which is 0.31 percent more than at the end of 2022. 5.39 percent of activities were partially implemented, and the percentage of activities that were not implemented increased and now amounts to 80.30 percent.

Observing the fulfillment of indicators for the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a total of 6.61 percent of activities were fulfilled, while 8.09 percent were partially fulfilled.

In the implementation of the Action Plan, the state, entity and institutions of the Brčko District of BiH are included, and the planned activities are carried out in six reform areas and include policy development and coordination, public finance management, civil service and human resources management, accountability, better service delivery and quality, and digitization in the area of service delivery, it was announced by the CoM of BiH.