A representative of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office participated in the first of several workshops for the revision of the feedback process for delivering the CAF label in public administration.

Namely, this designation is awarded to organizations that have successfully implemented the European quality management tool CAF 2020 (Common Assessment Framework 2020) and that have applied for the same at the competent institutions.

In accordance with changes in the field of public administration, such as digitization, the process of delivering this label needs to be improved and simplified.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, last year, the first such designation was awarded to an organization in our region, the Civil Service Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This year, several organizations from our country already applied to the Regional School for Public Administration for the CAF Label, and we hope that all of them will successfully pass this process and receive an esteemed recognition. Also, the invitation to work in this workshop proves the dedication of our country in raising awareness of the importance of introducing various tools for quality management in public administration.