The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office has started implementing the third cycle of self -assessment by the CAF 2020 model. Namely, with the help of the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSpa) and the Center for Public Policy Research – KDZ Austria, employees of PARCO will be supported on their way to improving the work of the organization. We would like to remind you that the PARCO was a promoter of the quality management tools in public administration over the earlier period, and successfully implemented two CAFs cycles, but also supported other interested institutions on the introduction of this tool. However, the improvement of the CAF 2020 models led to cooperation between PARCO, Respa and KDZ Austria.

“PARCO is an institution that is very open to cooperation with various partners, an advocate of exchanging experiences, but always ready to learn something new. Because of this, this cooperation with colleagues from ReSPA and KDZ Austria will open up some new opportunities for public administration as a whole in BiH, as some new ideas will develop that will lead to efficiency and effectiveness of public administration organizations, “said the Coordinator for Public Administration Reform, Dragan Ćuzulan.

Please note, when implementing by the CAF model, the public administration organization undergoes self -assessment through nine criteria, and forms a plan to improve the work of the institution for the next two years. However, the CAF model for management of quality has been applied in the Public Administration in BiH since 2015, and has so far been implemented in just over 20 organizations at all administrative levels in BiH.