The Office for Legislation of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina completed its Action Plan for the improvement of the institution in the previous days.

Namely, as the final part of the CAF (Common Assessment Framework) process, a workshop was held to prioritize activities and to create an Action Plan.

Employees of the Office for Legislation created an Action Plan that contains 15 activities that will be implemented in a short period of time and nine key activities that should be implemented in the next two years.

The topics that dominate the activities are related to the improvement of communication with its users, the digitalization of processes and the improvement of the human resources management process.

By deciding to apply the CAF process, this institution has shown its willingness to improve its operations towards efficiency and effectiveness, while following European standards for quality in public administration.

Otherwise, this is the second CAF cycle conducted by the Office for Legislation. Support in the implementation of CAF was provided by the employees of PARCO.