On May 18, 2022, The Association of Citizens (UG) Why Not and Transparency International in BiH will organize a training for officials of cantonal governments and assemblies, as well as cantonal representatives, in the field of open institutions at the Holiday Hotel in Sarajevo at 11:00 a.m

After the monitoring of the openness of cantonal governments and assemblies in BiH for 2021, which included all ten cantons, showed that only one institution meets slightly more than 50 percent of the indicators, it is evident that the results of both the governments and the assemblies could improve.

In this regard, Why not and Transparency International in BiH are organizing training to introduce employees to the OGP initiative and the principles of proactive transparency and openness of data, as well as to promote good practices in publishing data and encouraging employees to apply them.

The training will consist of the following modules:

  • Open Government Partnership Initiative and BiH Participation in the OGP Initiative (Transparency International, Emsad Dizdarević);
  • Presentation of the Draft Action Plan for the Implementation of the OGP Initiative in BiH (Advisory Body of the Council of Ministers of BiH for the Implementation of the OGP Initiative);
  • Proactive transparency and openness of data: Standards and good practices (UG Why not, Amina Izmirlić Ćatović and Danira Karović).