On 19 September 2016, there was an inception conference for the project “Establishment and/or strengthening of capacities of the institution for control of regulations and establishment of the system of reduction of administrative barriers“, which was financed from the Public Administration reform Fund, and implemented by the consortium Commerce Engineering d.o.o., Mostar, Commerece Media d.o.o., Mostar, Teza, Sofia, Bulgaria, Materna, Sofia, Bulgaria.

“Better regulation is only one of the standards of the EU, and regarding BiH, the biggest job in this field (removal of administrative barriers and regulatory impact assessment) has so far been done in the entities. However, the job on improvement of the business ambience at all the levels in BiH is still not complete”, said Dragan Ćuzulan, public administration reform coordinator and added that he was hoping that the project implementation would be finalised for the pleasure of the beneficiary institutions, and especially citizens and business community that should feel the effects of the output results of the project.

The project covered four components: Establishment of a comprehensive project structure and defining the framework for establishment of the administrative barriers reduction system and regulatory impact assessment for the level of the institutions of BiH and the BD BiH; building and/or strengthening human capacities in the institutions (including also line ministries and other relevant administration bodies) for implementation of the affairs of administrative barriers reduction and regulatory impact assessment (including public consultations) at all administrative levels in BiH, as well as implementation of the pilot project for regulatory impact assessment and administrative barriers reduction with participation and consultation exercises of the civil society at the level of the institutions of BiH, the FBiH, the RS and the BD BiH and development of information technologies capacities linked with reduction of administrative barriers at the level of the FBiH and the RS.

The project beneficiary institutions are: the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers of BiH, the Ministry of Justice of BiH, the Legislation Office of the CoM BiH, tzhe Secretariat Generalni of the Government of the FBiH, the Ministry of Justice of the FBiH, the FBiH Government Office for Legislation and Harmonisation with the EU regulations, the Secretariat General of the Government of the RS, the Republic Secretariat for Legislation of the Government of the RS, the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the RS, the Ministry of Administration and Local Self Governance of RS, the Secratariat of the Government of the BD BiH, the Legislation Office of the BD BiH, the Administrative Inspection of the BD BiH.

The Project worth BAM 1,078,400.00 will be implemented at all four levels of authority in duration of 24 months.